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Did you know...

Slip-Resistant floors are available in Vinyl, Rubber and Ceramic products. All of these products meet ADA requirements. top

Most carpet has some static-dissipative properties, to resist the tendency for static electricity to occur with foot traffic in low humidity conditions. If computer or machinery specifications call for more protection from static electricity, Anti-Static Tile or Carpet is available. top

Which ceramic tile or stone product should I use?

Each Ceramic or Stone product has characteristics that make it suitable for different applications. Here are some interesting facts.

Porcelain tile is often used in commercial settings, since it is scratch, stain and fade resistant.

Slate is a natural stone product, so expect shading variations. Slate has high freeze and water resistance. Natural slate varies in hardness and density. It resists wear, dirt and most chemicals.

Ceramic tiles include a tremendous variety of products. Ceramic tiles are rated, so that the product installed will fit its intended purpose. The "Breaking Strength" test measures the strength of a tile, so that it will bear the expected load. The "Scratch Hardness" test measures the relative hardness of glazed tile. It uses MOH scale ratings. top

Green Flooring

How “Green” can flooring be? Whether it is reduced maintenance costs, hence less cleaning chemicals used, or products with significantly longer lifecycles, flooring suppliers are consistently making “Green” a high priority.

Recycle logoFlooring manufacturers have introduced sustainable, environmentally friendly products that reduce reliance on petroleum. Rapidly renewable resources, such as Armstrong’s BioBased Tile or Bamboo offer a sustainable flooring product, without compromising performance.

Recycling of flooring products is also possible. Many manufacturers offer pre and post consumer recycled content as an option, and several carpet mills offer recycling programs where the mill will take back the used carpet, re-manufacturing it into new flooring applications. Interface has been a leader in this field. Brodney & Sons maintains a carpet recycle dumpster. Instead of disposing of used carpet with our trash, materials from this dumpster are recycled, saving raw materials and landfill space. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits can be obtained through this recycling program.

Brodney & Sons has partnered with mills and clients to achieve sustainability in flooring. With all the flooring options available today, being “Green” is both practical and affordable. Brodney & Sons is pleased to help its customers preserve the environment while fulfilling their flooring requirements. top